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    The Wilderness noe Association is a non-profit organization of individuals interested in the outdoor pursuits and in wilderness travel by noe.
    See the list of scheduled trips on the Outings Page or look over at our lendar of Events.

     Mission Statement: 

    The Wilderness noe Association is the best place to find friends who share your passion for the outdoors. With first-class mping content to enjoy, dozens of trips to participate in, and hundreds of experienced members to help you take tripping to the next level, you’ll be living your paddling dreams in no time.


    The W suspended all in person outings scheduled for 2020 & 2021, taking into account evolving public guidance on risks of COVID transmission between individuals from different households, and the unavailability of insurance coverage for the benefit of members and the organization covering liability for COVID-19 infection.

    The W board has voted to re-start in-person events for the Spring of 2022.   However, this is all subject to government guidelines and the pandemic's path.  Currently all outdoor events are considered a very low risk.  All in-person events will require all participants to;

    •  Be fully vaccinated.
    •  Follow club and Covid-19 guidelines.
    •  Sign off on an event Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims.

    We are recommending all shuttle participants to wear a mask, in the enclosed space of a vehicle. 

    Contact us at info@ if you have any questions or advice.

     Sharing the Wilderness Experience since 1973: 

    If you share our love for wild places and the noe as a means of exploring them, then we invite you to join us.

     Fall Gathering

    2020 and 2021 fall gatherings were planned to be held at the Minden Wildwater Preserve however Covid-19 put that activity on hold.  Typilly guests are welcome to attend and discover what the W is all about. Here is what we organised for 2019 year.

    World-class whitewater paddling on a Pan-Am course.  Outstanding flatwater options in Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park and Haliburton Highlands Water Trails.  A tered BBQ dinner. mpfires and mping. 

    For 2022 we are looking for an in person gathering in line with government guidelines. Our Covid-19 backup plan is to have a virtual series of Zoom workshops/presentations. 


     noe Trips and Other Outings
    Flatwater and whitewater noe trips and other outings are organized by members for members, including day trips to lol rivers, multi-day noeing & mping and wilderness expeditions. They represent one of our core values. Love to paddle but need company? Not sure about going down that river by yourself? Never been wilderness mping? You've come to the right place!
    Experience members will help you fit right in.
    See the list of scheduled trips on the Outings Page.

     Nastawgan: The Journal of the W

    Members share their experiences from noe trips or extended expeditions by publishing their stories in the renowned journal of the W, the best noeing journal worldwide!

    Learn more about Nastawgan by viewing the Journal page. Also, see the provided sample article.

    Membership in the W grants you access to both printed and online journals. Click here to download the latest issue.

     Mentorship and Training

    Teaching our members new skills is another core value: paddling improvement, whitewater clinics, river safety & rescue, wilderness first aid all enhance safety, competence and enjoyment. Younger members have a great opportunity to learn new skills from our seasoned members in addition to their vast knowledge of so many wilderness trips.  We are exploring doing some virtual workshops in this COVID-19 environment.

     The Mike Wevrick Lecture and Wine & Cheese Social

    On November 20, 2021, Cliff Jacobson present "noeing Wild Rivers" in a Zoom presentation virtual format. This annual event is held in memory of friend to the W; Mike Wevrick.

    Please register here.

     2022 Annual General Meeting

    The 2022 Annual General Meeting will be held on  Tuesday, March 15, 2022  at 7 PM over Zoom, due to Covid-19 restrictions limiting in-person meetings. This virtual meeting format is actually beneficial in a way beuse it opens the meeting up to W members outside the general Toronto area.  The agenda of the meeting n be found on the specific event posting on the W lendar.  Sign up on the event posting.

     The 2022 Wilderness and noe Symposium

    The first "Wilderness & noeing Symposium" was a small gathering of kindred spirits who me together to look at each other's slides in George Luste's living room on Albany Ave. This was in 1986. Space was quite limited there, so when other friends heard about this gathering & wanted to participate, a room was rented at George Brown College. After a couple of years they outgrew this and Councillor Joan King arranged space for them at the North York Council chambers. The next lotion they rented was at York University for a couple of years. At that point Sandy Richardson suggested Monarch Park Collegiate, where he taught. The teachers and students at the school were a great help and the Symposium returned to Monarch Park every year since.

    Date: The 37th WCS was held Wednesday Feb. 16, 2022 from 6 to 9 pm.
    At: For its 37th year, the WCS was streamed live using a Zoom meeting. 

    Please check the Symposium website for more information.